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Permanent Committees

Investment - Floyd Etters, Tom Haupt Jr., Donald Heggenstaller, Dennis Heggenstaller
Annual Committees
Membership - Floyd Etters (Chair), Heather Homan, Don Heggenstaller,
Fund Raising - Floyd Etters (Chair), Kevin Lingle, Hope Lingle, Donald Heggenstaller, Delmer Homan
Carnival - Floyd Etters (Chair), Don Heggenstaller, Kevin Lingle, Delmer Homan, Hope Lingle
Oktober Fest - Scott Long (Chair), Floyd Etters, Delmer Homan,  Donald Heggenstaller, Todd Hillard

Fishing Derby - Hope Lingle (Chair), Kevin Lingle, Floyd Etters, Betsy Forsythe, Roseanne Mersinger
One time Committees
Junior Membership - Ryan Etters & Trevor Stitzer,


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