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Millheim Fire Company Screen Saver

The emblem of the Millheim Fire Co.

Download the file named Emblem.bmp and save it to your hard drive in a location that you keep all screen savers (ie c:/windows/system).

  Now go to Display Properties either through the Control Panel or by right clicking on the desktop and selecting Properties.


  Select the Screen Saver Tab

  In the Screen Saver settings box select the 3D Flying Objects as the current screen saver.

  Now select the Settings button.

  In the next pop up screen set the Object Style to Textured Flag

  Now select the Texture button.

  At this point you need to maneuver to the location on the hard drive where you have stored the      emblem.bmp file and select that file and select the open button.

  Back once again at the 3D Flying Objects Settings window select the OK button.

  If you have done everything correctly you are back to the Screen Saver window tab and the Millheim Fire Company emblem should now be waving in the inset window. You can preview if you wish. Set the amount of wait time in the scroll box, and either check or uncheck the password protection option (caution do you know what your password is?).


Final step, make sure that you click on the Apply button and then the OK button


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